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.All Wallpapers are to be reduced to a thumbnail size IF POSTING without an LJ cut. If you are posting behind an LJ cut there is no penalty.
.If you making links to them, please put the resolution size for them.
.If you are posting the wallpaper onto the journal, please use LJ-cut < lj-cut > < / lj-cut >
.Please don't take the wallpapers posted in this community and put them on your website without prior authorization from the creator. DO NOT HOTLINK IMAGES. If the maintainer of the site REQUESTS you to do so, abide by their request or suffer the repercussion!!
.Try to cater to all resolutions. Popular resolutions are 800x600 and 1024x768. There are some users running around with 1280x1024.
.PSP Wallpapers are allowed.
.Community Promotion is okay, though this is not Community Promo. One time is enough.
.Conversation is a-okay. Please keep in mind that this is a graphic community, so don't deter too far from that theme.
.Silver Ash/TOY and THE TRAX wallpapers are not allowed because they are not Japanese rock. Silver Ash/TOY is Chinese Rock and THE TRAX is Korean Rock.

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This is version 12. MUCC is the coverboys for the month of February.

Happy Valentines Day!

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